Hrvatski Dom Canberra

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Croatian Drinks

The Australian Croatian Club is home to some of Croatia's favourite drinks, including:

KARLOVACKO BEER – Croatia’s favourite beer.

KISELJAK MINERAL WATER – World famous mineral water from the Croatian populated town just west of Sarajevo.

Croatian Liqueurs

HALKION SLJIVOVICA - Fine plum brandy - Its unique taste is a result of centuries of experience. This Slivovitz is very fine brandy produced from plums and matured in oaks casks. The intensive plum flavour is the outcome of aging, not artificial ingredients.

HALKION KRUSKOVAC - Sweer pear liqueur - Kruskovac is a sweet pear liqueur, intensive in aroma and flavour. Its eye-catching orange colour makes it especially popular among female consumers.

HALKION CROLISHKA - Beautiful mix of Slivovica and Kuskovac - Perfect match Crolishka is a liqueur produced from Slivovica plum brandy and pear liqueur Kruskovac with a distinctive, fruity taste.

HALKION LOZOVACA - Croatian fire water - Lozovaca is a grape brandy. In some features it can be compared with grappa, but its unique taste comes not only from the finest sort of grapes, but also traditional Croatian distillation.

HALKION TRAVARICA – Believed to be a very good remedy for stomach disturbances - Travarica is distilled from high quality grapes and carefully chosen aromatical and medicinal herbs. It is one of the most popular aperitifs in Croatia.

HALKION PELINKOVAC - Croatia's answer to Jagermeister - Pelinkovac is a popular bitter liqueur. It is distinguished by strong aroma. Due to prevailing flavour of wormwood, known as a medicinal herb, Pelinkovac helps to relax the body and mind.

MARASKA MARASCHINO - Key ingredient of New York’s - "Brooklyn Cocktail" - Renowned for its distinctive flavour and aromatic bouquet based on the Dominicans receipt dating back to the 1600s.

CROATIAN DESSERT WINE - Perfect with Croatian Cakes  - Award winning ISTRA PROSEK, is a dessert wine produced by a traditional method of processing selected overripe and slightly fried grapes of the highest quality Croatian varieties.