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25 May 2010

The Australian Croatian Club would like to sincerely thank everyone who attended "Hrvatska Fešta 2010.  The attendance exceeded all expectations.  If you attended the event let us know what you thought by participating in the poll on our home page.

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23 May 2010

Bleiburg Tragedy remembered

The Hrvatski Dom in Canberra honoured the victims of Yugoslav genocide against the Croatian people with a special commemoration last Sunday to mark the tragic events which commenced on 15 May 1945. 

The day started with a packed out church service at St Augustine's Croatian Catholic Church, followed by a moving tribute at the Hrvatski Dom itself. A key feature of the commemoration was the showing of two documentaries, one on the Jazovka Jama and the another about Suzanne Brooks-Pincevic's book "Britain and the Bleiburg Tragedy".

The documentary about Jazovka was particularly important as it clearly refuted current attempts by the likes of Mesic and neo-Yugoslavs who try to justify the massacre of hundreds of thousands of unarmed Croatians post-Bleiburg, as merely revenge killings by the Communist victors. 

If fact, the history of Jazovka was there for all to see, with detailed accounts of the horrors inflicted on captured Croatian soldiers and civilians as early as 1943, where the Yugoslav Communists preferred method of killing was to tie a number of prisoners together, shoot one in the head and have them drag the others into the pit where they would be left to die an excruciating death. 

So horrific were the Communists' crimes during and after the war that eyewitnesses told how creeks ran red with the blood of the innocent victims for many days.

One could be forgiven for asking why such documentaries aren't mandatory viewing for today's mediocre Croatian politicians who seem to spend a disproportionate time highlighting the failings of the Croatian Government of over 65 years ago.

Perhaps it is to distract the population from knowing who is actually responsible for Croatia's current economic woes, crippling debt, moral decline, corruption, suicides of Homeland War veterans, decline in press freedoms or even how Croatia has now slipped to 69th out of 85 nations in the Forbes Index of despotism.

After 20 years of Croatian independence it is in fact a disgrace that not a single perpetrator of the Bleiburg crimes has been bought to justice, nor any Croatian President even bothered to visit the memorial site to pay their respects. 

Maybe they are too busy apologising to all and sundry for Croatia defending itself against a renewed genocide, sending our generals and defenders to jail or even pressuring Croatian clubs on the other side of the world to take down pictures of Croatian Heroes who stood up against the tyranny of Serbian megalomania.

Fortunately, as evidenced at Bleiburg and Canberra this weekend there are still many Croatians throughout the world prepared to pay their respects to those who sacrificed their lives in the struggle for an independent Croatia. 

And why not? After all the Bleiburg victims, for instance, sacrificed their lives in the name of Croatia, whilst the perpetrators committed their hideous crimes in the name of Communism and Brotherhood and Unity with those responsible, a mere 50 years later, for the tragic events at Vukovar and Srebrenica.


27 April 2010

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Also the Australian Croatian Club would like to sincerely thank the following sponsors for making Hrvatska Fešta 2010 possible:

Finally, the Club is pleased to advise they have also secured the services of "Puna Kuca" for the St Anthony's Party on 12 June.  Those who saw the band at last years "Night in the Village" will know this is another O'Connor do not to miss.


18 April 2010

Something Special @ the O'Connor Dom

In Zagreb on the 10 April 1941 (two days after the declaration of the Independent State of Croatia in Bjelovar) Field Marshal Slavko Kvaternik broadcast to the Croatian people and to the world that from that day the Croatian nation has severed all political and economic ties with the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

On 10 April 2010 the Australian Croatian Club celebrated the importance of ‘Deseti Travanj’ to patriotic Croatians with an amazing night of Croatian food, song and dance.  The free event, made possible by the generous support from Blaž (Bača) Lukić, Ivan Živko and numerous volunteers, included members of Prva Liga entertaining attendees with everyone's favorite Croatian patriotic songs and diners enjoying the amazing delights of a spit roasted bull.

In the various speeches throughout the night, diners were reminded that the Independent State of Croatia was not a puppet state based on fascism or national socialism, but rather the realisation of an 839 year old dream for the Croatian people to be fully independent and responsible for their own destiny. It was a dream that millions of Croatians sacrificed their lives for over the centuries.

With almost 200 patriots in attendance it is clearly apparent that Deseti Travanj celebrations, just like the Australian Croatian Club itself, will continue to flourish for the foreseeable future; a fact those who continue to attack the legacy of the NDH era to justify their previous support for Communist Yugoslavia and its grotesque crimes will just have to accept. After all Deseti Travanj at the Hrvatski Dom really was something special.


28 March 2010

ACT Government helps out Hrvatska Fešta 2010

In a coup for the Australian Croatian Club in Canberra, it has secured ACT Government support for its Hrvatska Fešta 2010.  As per last year’s 40th anniversary celebrations, the 21-23 May Fešta will be a celebration of the Croatian community and its significant contribution to the Canberra and Queanbeyan region. 

The three day event will once again feature two Major Minor performances, with the Friday night concert followed by the Saturday Gala Zabava.  The Fešta will end with a Family Open Day at the Club with heaps of activities for the kids and entertainment for those young at heart.

A Club spokesman noted, the Croatian community sure has found a friend in the ACT Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Ms Joy Burch MLA.  Her attendance at last year’s 40th celebrations, ongoing offers of support and this grant really are greatly appreciated.

The money, paid under the ACT Government’s Multicultural Grants Program, will assist the club with some of the event’s administrative costs and should provide great moral support to all the volunteers who will play their part in putting together one unforgettable weekend in the Nation’s Capital.


13 March 2010


Also please note the Club currently has a membership drive to ensure its ongoing alcohol and gaming licences are never again placed in peril.  Benefits include monthly newsletters, free venue hire and first rights to big ticket events.  Anyone interested in joining (or renewing) please do so at your earliest convenience.  Forms are available at the Club’s bar.


7 March 2010

March Newsletter out now - For all the latest information on the Club, please become a member.  Forms are available at the Club (Voting membership $15, Social $6).


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