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19 May 2011


The Australian Croatian Club fully endorses the petition relating to the unjust imprisonment of General Gotovina and General Markac.  You can add your name by signing the petition at the Club.

The Croatian Community of Australia,

We, The United Croatian Clubs of Australia and New Zealand (UCCANZ), have discussed the unjust ruling of the HAAG war crimes tribunal decision in respect to imprisoning General Gotovina and Markac to 24 and 18 years. It is well known that the decision undertaken by the tribunal was motivated by political factors instead of the ‘truth and facts’, two major ingredients in a fair democratic system.

We understand Croatians living in Croatia and across the world are feeling the pain of the decision and have therefore developed a petition to vent our disbelief at the results. It was not long ago the world was reporting the atrocities caused by the Serbian army via their Ethnic cleansing policy and plans for a Greater Serbia, at the same period General Gotovina and Markac were defending the rights of many innocent people.

We urge you to support this action by signing the petition and returning it to the address and date outlined below….

PO Box 196 Keilor East, 3033 Victoria

Return by no later than 26th June 2011.

The 26th June being a significant date in our recent history due to most countries of the world recognizing Croatia as free democratic country of Europe, this is now called Croatian National Day. All need to be reminded this day would not have been achieved with out people of the caliber of General Gotovina and Markac.

Our target is 10,000 signatures before the date stated above, and be assured that we will not lose focus until General Gotovina and Markac have been acquitted and set free…

Thanks and Regards,

Paul Saric - President UCCANZ, Tomo Lerotic - Vice President, Luka Budak - Secretary and Ante Juric - Vice Secretary



Mr Ban Ki-moon,


United Nations (UN)



Judge Patrick Lipton Robinson,

President of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY)

We, the undersigned Australian citizens, do hereby petition the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and the UN to protest and dispute its sentences handed down to Croatian Generals, Ante Gotovina and Mladen Markač, for alleged war crimes, which in our opinion do not show impartiality, but rather a subjective opinion of judge Alphons Orie. The ICTY’s verdict implying alleged “joint criminal enterprise” of Croatian military and political leadership does not reflect facts which are known about these events. The US backed Operation Storm, offensive of the Croatian army in the summer of 1995, was a stunning military success with a minimal civilian casualties. Leading media outlets – The Washington Times, the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek and the Jerusalem Post – have investigated the facts related to  Operation Storm and have concluded that General Gotovina is innocent of wrongdoing. He, or General Markač, never personally ordered or tolerated the commission of any crimes that occurred after the military action.

The ICTY’s prosecution failed to show any kind of proof that Generals Gotovina and Markač were responsible for orchestrating a criminal conspiracy to expel Serb population from Croatia. The orders to evacuate the Serbian population from the so-called “Krajina” zone of occupation occurred under the explicit command of local Serb authorities, acting under the authority from Belgrade, several days before Croatian forces launched their campaign.

Because of all this, as the citizens of the country which is one of the original members of the UN, we express our scepticism and deepest concerns about the work of UN-founded ICTY and the impartiality of its judges.

15 May 2011

Bleiburg Tragedy remembered

The Australian Croatian Club in Canberra honoured the 500,000 victims of Yugoslav genocide against the Croatian people with a special commemoration last Sunday to mark the tragic events which commenced at Bleiburg on 15 May 1945.

The feature of the day was the unveiling of a special gift from Mr Jakov Sedlar (director of Četverored and Pavelić Bez Maska) from the Pavelić archives and a documentary about the terror inflicted on the residents of the Dubrovnik region by the Yugoslav Partisans in late 1944.

The documentary about Dubrovnik was particularly important as it yet again refuted attempts by neo-Yugoslavs who try to justify the massacre of hundreds of thousands of unarmed Croatians post-Bleiburg, as merely revenge killings by the Communist victors.

The documentary clearly points out following the withdrawal of German and Croatian troops from the city, the number of Croatians killed at the hands of the Partisans in the few months after October 1944 exceeded 600, compared to only 80 during the entire 1941-44 period.  Tragically, it was noted 50% of those killed were civilians.

This figure rose into the thousands when one considered the people of Dubrovnik were then conscripted against their will into the Partisans and sent to kill their fellow Croatians in the battles for Boka Kotor, Mostar and Siroki Brijeg.

With the Ante Gotovina conviction still fresh in everyone’s mind, one could be forgiven for asking why such documentaries aren't mandatory viewing for today's mediocre Croatian politicians.

Perhaps then former parliamentary speaker Vladimir Seks would not be associated with the call that General Gotovina should be identified, located, arrested and extradited to the Hague nor Stipe Mesic sack 12 Croatian Generals for raising their concerns, as far back as 2000, that the media and many politicians spoke of the Croatian War of Independence as something bad, problematic, even shameful.

It is of course no coincidence that those that vilify the Croatian Government of 1941-45 today stand accused of, not only selling out Croatia’s Generals, but the Croatian state itself.  Sadly, perhaps that remains their goal, vilification of the first modern Croatian state and now the criminalisation of the second modern Croatian state.

Fortunately, as evidenced at Bleiburg and Canberra this weekend, those attempts will once again fail as there are still Croatians throughout the world prepared to pay their respects to those who sacrificed their lives in the struggle for an Independent Croatia.

And why not? After all the Bleiburg victims, sacrificed their lives in the name of Croatia, whilst the perpetrators committed their hideous crimes in the name of Communism and Brotherhood and Unity with those responsible, a mere 50 years later, for the tragic events at Vukovar and Srebrenica.


10 April 2011

Canberra:  Many reasons to celebrate on Deseti Travanj

The 70th anniversary of the destruction of the first Yugoslav state and the establishment of the first independent Croatian State in 839 years was just one of the reasons to celebrate Deseti Travanj at the Australian Croatian in Canberra last Sunday.

During the official speeches those in attendance were reminded that the Independent State of Croatia was not a puppet state based on Fascism or National Socialism, but rather the realisation of an 839 year old dream for the Croatian people to be fully independent and responsible for their own destiny. A dream that millions of Croatians over the centuries sacrificed their lives for.

In fact later in the afternoon a younger member noted that the celebration was even more than that. “In celebrating Deseti Travanj, we continue to celebrate the strongly pro-Croatian, anti-Yugoslav and anti-Communist foundations of the Club and our local community.  Since history has proven the community’s founding fathers were correct in holding such views why shouldn’t we celebrate?”

Incredibly the sentiments reflect the views of NDH Captain Ivan Babic who Jason D Mark quotes in his excellent book “Croatian Legion” when discussing why Croatians volunteered in such great numbers for the Croatian Legion.  He states:

“The volunteers enlisted out of pure patriotism.  At that time the entire Croatian people were enthusiastic about the emergence of the Croatian state and the disintegration of Yugoslavia.  They were ready to fight for their nation, and regular men believed that in the battle against communism they were also fighting for the freedom and independence of Croatia.  The complicated problems of Croatia and world politics, as well as ideological conflicts (Nazi fascism, capitalism and democracy, communism) were alien to regular folk.  They were, in general, too complicated for their comprehension.  They wanted to fight for Croatia and everything was included in this belief. Right or wrong, it is for my country was their leitmotiv.”

Perhaps today's Croatian politicians should take heed of such views, rather than spending a disproportionate effort in highlighting the failings of the Croatian Government of 1941-45 or even pressuring Croatian clubs on the other side of the world to take down pictures of Croatian Heroes who stood up against the tyranny of Serbian dominated Yugo-Communism.

Perhaps then we would not see regular mass demonstration over Croatia's current economic woes, crippling debt, moral decline, corruption, criminalisation of the Homeland War, suicides and imprisonment of its War veterans and/or decline in press freedoms. Then, perhaps the people of Croatia would have reason to celebrate, just as the good people of the Australian Croatian community in Canberra and across Australia did on Deseti Travanj 2011.

The Club also took the opportunity during this special occasion to formally announce to its members that the Club had paid off its interest bearing debts and all accounts were paid and up to date.  A truly amazing result achieved by the members and volunteers of the Club considering it was only 30 months ago that an Extraordinary General Meeting of Members was called proposing to permanently close the Club in the face of crippling debts in the vicinity of $400,000.

There was another reason to celebrate and that came as a most welcome surprise to all (especially the volunteers who have run the Bistro since last year) with the announcement by Club Vice President Ante Nazor that the Club’s Bistro had just recorded its first $100,000 in revenue. With the great service and quality Croatian food available it is little wonder that the Bistro is seemingly setting a new trading record every few weeks, meaning the celebration of $200,000 won’t be that far off in the future.

It’s little wonder then that the people of Canberra celebrated Deseti Travanj with such gusto last weekend.

Za Dom Spremni




21 March 2011

Unbelievable party in Canberra

Proving yet again that celebrating all things Croatian is not only the right thing to do, but can be a whole lot of fun, the Australian Croatian community celebrated its contribution to the ACT Region with an unbelievable three day party (code named “Hrvatska Fešta 2011”) at the Australian Croatian Club in Canberra.

What began as a celebration of the Club’s 40th anniversary only a few years back, the Fešta has now evolved into a true celebration of all that is good about being Croatian.

It all started on Friday night where Metak kicked off proceedings at the Launch Party.  Underlying the band’s mantra that they, “don't play weddings and christenings. WHAT they do is Rock'n'Roll” the boys from Sydney produced a brand of music never before heard at the Club.

Then it was time for Australia’s best, Major Minor, to put on two sets that will live long in the memory, with the band taking legendary hit after legendary hit to a whole new level.  How this group manages to get better and better year after year is a true testament to their professionalism and character and thank God for that!!

With some regret the night eventually came to an end. The positive to this however was the players from Croatia Deakin and the O’Connor Knights were able to recover in time to compete for the inaugural HNK HOPE Cup in honour of our first soccer team to compete in the ACT league (ie HNK HOPE).

After a slow start where the players took some time adapting to the new synthetic pitch at the Australian National University, Croatia Deakin ran out winners 3-1.

The party then moved back to the Club for the sold out Zabava with Club President Ante Mrkonjić best summing up the purpose of the night in his welcoming speech.

“With 2011 being the year we Croatians celebrate the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Republic of Croatia; 40th anniversary of the Croatian Spring; 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Independent Croatian State; 140th anniversary of the Rakovička rebellion and the 150th anniversary of the father of the nation, Ante Starčević’s election to the Croatian Parliament -  Tonight we go further and celebrate our love for all things Croatian, tonight - as always - we stand together so others know to be Croatian is not some fashion statement but a way of life and passion that will neither fade nor die. This is simply who we are in our hearts, our minds and our souls.”

And how right he was with the rest of the evening spent celebrating Croatian food, song and dance in a way only Croatians can.

In fact, the Zabava really was one of those memorable displays of Croatian unity and culture that demonstrated why the Australian Croatian community has proved so resilient and successful in Australia.

With a four course meal featuring a Bull on the Spit, local favourites HFS Croatia performing the Vrlika and Podravski Svatovi kolo’s and Sydney’s CFE Vukovar wowing the audience just as they did during their 2005 Croatian tour, with their Bosanske Posavine and Primorštenski kolo’s it’s little wonder that Major Minor had little trouble packing out the dance floor for the rest of the evening.

So successful was the night it is curious to know how the volunteers managed to get the Club looking so well for the Sunday Family Day.

Also known as the recovery day, the feature of the Sunday was seeing three generations of Australian Croatians enjoying themselves at the one venue.  Whether it was kids enjoying the free activities, or the Karlo Beer garden getting a work out or even people raving yet again about the Club’s spit roast lunches, the day, just like the entire weekend was a success.

A success that could not have been achieved without the fantastic team that put the event together, from the women in the kitchen and the cake makers, to the bar staff, spit roast masters, cleaners and organisers.

A special mention must also go to Metak, Major Minor, the members of HFS Croatia who continue to bring such vibrancy to Club events, CFE Vukovar (and their family and friends) who in making the trek down from Sydney really were the icing on the cake for the unforgettable weekend and of course the terrific sponsors who underwrote the Fešta.

The Club would also like to thank all those who attended Hrvatska Festa 2011.  With numbers up from 2010, you can rest assured Hrvatska Festa 2012 will be bigger and better with more kolo, more music, more food and no doubt more Australian Croatians and their friends having an awesome time.

Of course it doesn’t end there for the lucky folk in the Nation’s Capital, with the announcement that Sydney band ZAKON have been secured for the New Year’s Eve Zabava. With ZAKON now putting the final touches on their first album it appears Canberra’s reputation as a dull and boring place have been well and truly put to rest!!

- For more pictures go to our Facebook page.
- This years Fešta even made the news in Croatia.  For details click here.



12 February 2011


Once again it's that time of year to celebrate the contribution of the Australian Croatian community to the local region with the three day extravaganza that is "Hrvatska Fešta 2011".  Whilst all those people who have attended the 2009 and 2010 Fešta's will testify, this really is a special event not to be missed.  With regular favourites Major Minor and HFS Croatia being joined by new Sydney band Metak and Croatian Folkloric Ensemble "Vukovar", Hrvatska Fešta 2011 looks set to be the biggest Fešta yet. Key events of the festa include:

Fešta Launch Party - Friday 18 March 2011 (7pm-2am)

This year’s Fešta Launch Party will not only feature Australia's most popular Australian Croatian

Band - Major Minor, but will also mark the Canberra debut of new Sydney Band Metak.  First band will start the partying from 8.30pm.  Entry remains unchanged at only $20.  Whilst the party is targeted at over 18s, all those under 18 can attend if they are in the company of a responsible adult (ie over 25).


As always, for those that wish to start the night early with a great feed, the ever popular Bistro will be open from 6pm.

Fešta Dinner Dance (AKA Zabava) - Saturday 19 March 2011 (7pm-2am)

The Fešta Zabava really has the potential this year to be one of the most talked about Zabave in the Club's modern history.   Not only will there be a superb four course meal, but Major Minor will back up again to entertain guests with their unique sound and HFS Croatia will not doubt wow diners with their kolo performances.  In a special treat CFE Vukovar from Sydney will also perform various kolos that so impressed audiences in Croatia during their very successful 2005 tour.

Tickets are only $50 per person ($15 for those aged 5-12).  Tickets can be purchased by contacting the Club Wed-Sat after 12.30pm on 02 6248 8782.  Just a reminder payment is required to secure your place.

Family Day - Sunday 20 March 2011 (from 12.30pm)

A feature of previous Fešta ‘s has been the Sunday Family Day (AKA recovery party).  This year’s family day will be no different with traditional Croatian food available for lunch, Croatian products available for purchase, the Croatian Ethnic School pancake stall, further kolo performances by HFS Croatia, the return of the Karlovacko Beer Garden featuring Maks the Mega Fridge and heaps of activities for the kids including jumping castle, face paintingand much more.


1 February 2011

Back 2 Back Profits @ O'Connor

In a testament to the resilience and strength of the local Croatian community, the Australian Croatian Club in Canberra reported another profit at its AGM last Sunday (30 January 2011).

With the professionally produced Annual Report by Clarity Accounting highlighting the result was the second largest profit in the Club's 41 year history, the Club once against re-enforced its mantra that being proud of one's Croatian history, culture, food and community is not only the right thing to do, but the only way forward for the Croatian community in the nation's capital.

The Club sure has come a very long way in the last 28 months where the incoming Committee was confronted with a near insolvent situation with crippling debts, a half renovated Club and a catastrophic trading situation.

A beaming President, Ante Mrkonjić, noted the profit could not have been achieved without the assistance of the approximate 150 volunteers who helped the Club in 2009/10, with special mention going to Ana Benc, Kata Mikulić, Marija Perić, Kata Rac, Zdenka Šporčić, Branka Ivančić, Jela Bručić, and Janja Perić for their superb efforts in re-launching the Club's Bistro.

The Annual Report went further and highlighted the key achievements of the year included:

  • hosting the successful Seljacka Vecer;
  • participation in the St Nicholas Christmas party with Croatia Deakin Soccer Club, Croatian Catholic Centre and Croatian Women's Association;
  • rejuvenation of the New Year's Zabava with in excess of 260+ members and guests in attendance;
  • holding a successful gala seafood night;
  • participation in the ACT's Multi-cultural Festival with the Croatian Ethnic School after several years absence;
  • highly successful deseti travanj zabava and celebrations; rvatska Festa 2010" which resulted in over 700 people attending the three day event, that even generated general media interest in the ACT;
  • hosting the Canberra Community's Croatian National Day celebrations with special guests Marina Tomasevic and Ante Sivric from Croatia;
  • completion of the downstairs renovations resulting in a highly attractive and modern facility for the enjoyment of members;
  • continued reduction in the debt inherited from the previous administration; and
  • maintenance of constructive relationships with local community organisations including Croatia Deakin Soccer Club, Croatian Ethnic School, Croatian Radio Program,  Croatian Catholic Centre, Croatian Adult Folkloric Group, HFS Croatia and the Revontulet Finnish Folk Dancers.

Treasurer, Tomislav Džaja provided further good news to members with his announcement that revenue was currently up an incredible 45-50% on the previous year and as a result the Club expects to eliminate its interest bearing debt this calendar year (two years ahead of schedule).

With news like this it is little wonder the Committee was unanimously returned and will comprise Ante Mrkonjić, Ante Nazor, Dennis Pećar, Tomislav Džaja, Sonja Nazor, Marija Lemić, Veselko Pilatić, Ante Šporčić and Ivica Perić.

And it's straight back to work for the hard working Committee and equally fantastic Club volunteers with the 2011 debut of the Croatian Youth Party (AKA Disco Disco II) on Saturday 5 February; the Club working with both the Youth Group and Croatian Ethnic School at the ACT Multicutural Festival over 11-13 February;  "Hrvatska Fešta 2011" set to blow people away on the weekend of 18-20 March 2011 with HFS Croatia, Major Minor, Metak and CFE Vukovar all featuring and the Friday night Bistro's popularity going from strength to strength, resulting in a busy yet family friendly atmosphere at the Club on Friday nights.

One can only say well done to the local Croatians, in your 41st year you really have shown what Croatians can achieve when they roll up their sleeves.  Perhaps the Club's 2010 t-shirts said it best - "U proslava 41".  U proslava Indeed!!



5 January 2011

The Board of the Australian Croatian Club hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  With the new year now upon us, just a reminder that 2011 memberships are due for renewal (prices remain unchanged at $15 voting and $6 social).  With 2011 looking set to be another huge year at the Club, renewing your membership is the best way not to miss out on any of the excitement.  


Also just a reminder the Club re-opens for trading this Friday from 12:30pm with the kitchen open from 6pm.

15 December 2010 - ACT Government on board for Hrvatska Fešta 2011


In a major financial and morale boost for the Australian Croatian Club in Canberra, it has once again secured ACT Government support for its Hrvatska Fešta 2011.  As per last year’s event, the 18-20 March 2011 Fešta will be a celebration of the Croatian community and its significant contribution to the Canberra and Queanbeyan region. 


The increased funding, paid under the ACT Government’s Multicultural Grants Program, will assist the club with some of the event’s administrative costs and should provide great moral support to all the volunteers who will play their part in putting together one unforgettable weekend in the Nation’s Capital.


The three day event really is shaping up rather nicely.  With not only the legendary Major Minor and local favourite’s HFS Croatia returning, but Sydney band Metak supporting Major Minor on the Friday night and Sydney Kolo Group Vukovar making a welcome return to Canberra for the Saturday night Zabava.


A Club spokesman noted “… there’s plenty of excitement around the Club at the moment, with Prva Liga set to rock New Year’s Eve, further exciting announcements regarding the Fešta, a record number of  memberships in 2010 and due to the great Croatian style meals, the Friday nights Bistro going from strength to strength”. 
With the local community jumping on the bandwagon, little wonder then the ACT Government has jumped on too!!


1 December 2010

Please note new liquor legislation takes effect as of 1 December 2010.  For more information on the new legislation please click here.  Due to the key changes and associated compliance activity your co-operation with any direction from staff/mamangement would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your co-operation

Committee of The Australian Croatian Club Limited

20 November 2010

Hrvatska Fešta 2011 Kolo Groups announced

Hrvatska Fešta 2011 (18-20 March) just gets bigger and bigger. With Major Minor and Metak confirmed, the club is pleased to advise our favourite kolo group "HFS Croatia" will be back and will be supported at the Saturday night zabava by Sydney kolo Group Vukovar. Stay tuned for more exciting news come.



29 October 2010

Cro-disco returns to O’Connor

After a long absence, the once regular Cro-disco made its long awaited return to the Canberra Croatian scene last weekend at the Australian Croatian Club (O’Connor). 

The successful event was organised by the Croatian Youth Group, who’s excellent efforts can only be congratulated.  The community’s focus now shifts to “HFS Croatia’s” highly anticipated trivia night at the Croatia Deakin Soccer Club on 6 November.

It seems there’s plenty of good news coming out of the Canberra younger generations at the moment, with the highly successful return of the Miss Croatia (Deakin) Ball, the 20-somethings reinvigorating the town’s youth scene and 30-somethings running the profitable Australian Croatian Club.

And now with the news that Sydney band Metak will be supporting Major Minor at Hrvatska Fešta 2011 (18-20 March 2011) and Prva Liga confirmed for the New Year Eve Zabava, it really does seem the future of the Croatian Community in the National’s Capital is in safe hands.

Australian Croatian Club donation to Croatian Catholic Centre

The Club is pleased to announce a $500 donation to the Croatian Catholic Centre as part of the local Centre's 40th anniversary celebrations planned for 2011.

The donation comes during the same week the ACT Government confirmed the Club provided community contributions last financial year equivalent to 65.41% of 2009/10 revenue from the Club's gaming machines. The organisations included:

  • Croatian Women's Association
  • O'Connor Knights
  • Croatian Adult Kolo Group
  • Croatian Ethnic School
  • Revontulet Finnish Folk Dancers


For those organisations seeking assistance from the Club, please note effective 1 January 2010 the Australian Croatian Club has introduced a policy that before any community-based club or association is eligible to receive any form of sponsorship from the Club (financial or in-kind) every member of that organisation must first become a member of the Australian Croatian Club.  Where members of that organisation are under the age of 18, this requirement extends to their immediate guardian.


20 October 2010

METAK to support Major Minor at Hrvatska Fešta 2011

Following Fešta feedback that people wanted more live bands, the Club is pleased to announce that Sydney sensations "METAK" will be supporting Major Minor at the Fešta Launch Party on 18 March 2011.

Stay tuned for a few more announcements that will ensure Hrvatska Fešta 2011 will be the biggest Fešta yet.

Friday Nights Bistro @ O’Connor

It’s 5.45pm on a Friday at the Croatian Dom in O’Connor Canberra and a few regulars are having a quiet beer after work, whilst significant amounts of laughter/chatter is coming from a table of Croatian women having a whale of a time.

Then suddenly at 6pm and the women burst into action as the first group of diners come in for dinner at the Dom’s Friday Nights Bistro.

Serving a fine collection of traditional Croatian meals, it is no surprise that the Bistro has set tongues wagging and salivating amongst the Croatian community and the wider population of Canberra’s Inner North.

With a constantly changing menu that can feature amongst other delicacies Brodet, Lignje, Mix Grill, Snapper, Čevapi, Grah, Schnitzels, Samra, a Bakalar to die for and Zagreb Schnitzels that put a unique Croatian twist on cordon bleu’s, it is little wonder the Bistro has breathed new life into the Dom on Friday nights.

A Club spokesman stated it’s amazing what a change has come over the Dom, no longer is it the domain solely of Croatian men, rather it’s a place where young families and the young at heart can enjoy a quality meal at affordable prices in a light-hearted, enjoyable and distinctly Croatian atmosphere (meals start at $15, with kids meals set at $7).

With phase two of the Dom’s renovations re-integrating the Bistro with the main hall now complete, the Australian Croatian Club sincerely thanks Jure Kasunić, Mate Pelivan, Stan Đukić and Ves Pilatić for their renovating efforts.  

In addition, the Club continues to pay special tribute to the wonderful volunteers in the Bistro, namely  Ana  Benc, Kata Mikulić, Marija Perić, Kata Rac, Zdenka  Šporčić, Branka  Ivančić, Jela Bručić, Janja Perić and Katarina Boljkovac, without whom the Bistro would not exist. 

With the Club having only recently celebrated Croatian Independence Day, hosting on Saturday 23 October the long anticipated return of a Cro-disco, secured Prva Liga for its New Years Eve party/zabava and announced Major Minor will be back for “Hrvatska Fešta 2011”, it really does seem the Australian Croatian Club is creating a little piece of Croatia in the Nation’s Capital, and that, just like the food on Friday nights at the Club, is something to be enjoyed.

Friday Nights Bistro @ Hrvatski Dom
Open 6-9pm every Friday
68 McCaughey St, Turner ACT
For large bookings call – 6248-8782


New poll question:

First you voted that Hrvatska Fešta 2010 was absolutely brilliant (74%), then Josip Šimunić was voted the best Aus-Cro player of all time (39%) and then Bull on the Spit (37.7%) was voted as the best spit roast. Now the club wants to know who's your favourite Aus-Cro Band?


14 August 2010

Croatian Victory and Thanksgiving Day - Community Celebrations

On a glorious Canberra Sunday afternoon, the Croatian community in the Nation’s Capital celebrated Croatian Victory and Thanksgiving Day with a traditional lunch at the Australian Croatian Club (O’Connor).

Following the disappointing turn out at the July spit roast lunch, the local community responded in strong numbers to the Club’s call for a demonstration of their desire for regular Sunday lunches and commitment to Croatian celebrations.

A feature of the day was the broadcasting on the Club’s TVs of many of the most popular domoljub songs from the 1990s ranging from Croatian Band-Aid’s “Moja domovina” to the late Tomislav Ivčić’s "Stop the War in Croatia” to Vladimir Kočiš Zec’s “Gospodine Generale - Zapamtite Vukovar”.

In fact the diner’s seemed to enjoy the songs almost as much as they enjoyed the food. Which is saying alot, given the club sold out almost immediately the handful of “porcije” it had available at the end of the day.

The celebratory lunch capped off yet another big week for the Club, with the increasingly popular Friday night bistro setting a new trading record, the announcement that Sydney’s premier band “Prva Liga” will perform at the Club on New Year’s Eve and as reported exclusively in CroExpress, the Club announcing that the legends of the Australian Croatian music scene, Major Minor, will be back in Canberra on 18-20 March 2011 for “Hrvatska Festa 2011”.

Now that, just like the success of the largest European military operation since World War 2 which liberated a third of the Republic of Croatia’s territory, humiliated the Mladić forces in Bosnia and saved the inhabitants of the Bihac pocket from a Srebrenica type fate, really is something worth celebrating.

30 June 2010

Dan Državnosti celebrated in Canberra

The Croatian Community of Canberra and Queanbeyan celebrated Croatia's National Day (Dan Državnosti) with a thoroughly enjoyable night last Friday at the Australian Croatian Club.

Those in attendance at the traditional community celebrations included the community's favourite "Mađar", Mr Steve Dospot MLA and representatives from the Croatian Ethnic School, Croatian Woman’s Association, Croatian Radio Program and Punchbowl Club.  

An interesting feature of these formalities was the showing of the late Dr Franjo Tudjman's speech on the original Dan Državnosti date – 30 May 1990, and its call for unity amongst the Croatian people.

Other key aspects of the formalities included information about the history and joy that the declaration of Croatian independence on 25 June 1991 bought to Croatians both at home and abroad. 

In fact the quote by Cardinal Stepinac during his 1946 show trial by the Communist Yugoslav regime that the "Croatian nation unanimously declared itself for the Croatian State and I would have been remiss had I not recognised and acknowledged this desire of the Croatian people enslaved by the former Yugoslavia.” seemed as appropriate to describe the feelings of Croatians on 30 May 1990 and 25 June 1991 as they were on 10 April 1941.

Entertainment on the night was provided by Marina Tomašević, Ante Sivrić and Tihomir Mišić, who were in Australia as part of their fittingly titled “Ljepa Naša” tour.  There rendition of the “narodna himna” proved particularly popular and something that is sure to remain in the memory of those who attended.

A further treat on the night was the running of footage from the 1991 peace demonstration in Canberra that attracted in excess of 25,000 Croatians from across Australia and the 1995 opening of the Croatian Embassy by the late Dr Franjo Tudjman. 

Whilst people enjoyed the flash back to two key events in the 1990s, it did raise questions regarding what ever happened to the unity amongst Croatians so evident in the footage.

That lack of unity clearly impacted on the attendance, with the lower than expected number put down to the decision of the Croatian Embassy and local priest to break with convention and hold two separate events.   Then again the disgraceful anti-Croatian changes to the Croatian constitution, whereby parliamentary seats for Croatians living abroad where reduced from a potential 12 to three, didn't exactly enhance the local community's patriotic fever. 

On a positive note, the Club President's call for unity and hope that the disappointing events in Canberra this week will never be repeated was met with thunderous applause.

A spokesman for the Club was equally up beat following an enjoyable and profitable night.  "The Club's mantra is - being proud of one's Croatian heritage and history is the right thing to do, as such the Australian Croatian Club will continue to celebrate key Croatian dates, resist attempts to associate the modern Croatian state with the barbaric Yugo-Communist state and strive for greater co-operation and unity within our community."  

And that, just like Dan Državnosti itself is something worth celebrating.


What-is-the-point-of-Croatian-diplomatic-missions-in-Australia - Article by Cro Express, Australia's leading Croatian newspaper.


30 May 2010

rvatska Fešta 2010 - What A Blast!!
The Australian Croatian Club in Canberra celebrated its 41st birthday with a mad three day party last weekend. 

Code-named "Hrvatska Fešta 2010" the event celebrated the significant contribution of the local Croatian community to the ACT Region.  A contribution that extends beyond the traditional Australian-Croatian fields of building and sport to include arts, fashion, politics, gastronomy, retail, entertainment and with Canberra being the Nation's Capital, what else but public services. 

And what a party it was with the Club's online poll indicating:

  • 75% of respondents thought it brilliant and can't wait for "Hrvatska Fešta 2011" and
  • 15% thought it good and will be back.

Strangely there were even 5 hard to please people who said they were bored (editors note: did these people end up at the local Bowls Club by mistake??).

It all started at the Friday night launch party where Melbourne legends Major Minor played in front of a massive crowd of party goers.  With the band's extended second set, thank goodness for "Ante's Kransky Stand".  After all, the revellers required some sustenance to keep partying until the early hours of Saturday morning.

In fact, given how hard they partied, it was a surprise that so many Friday nighters backed up again on Saturday night for the Zabava.  Perhaps it was the rumours (proven correct) that the Club was putting on another bull on the spit, something no one wanted to miss out on, especially after news spread about the delights of the "deseti travanj bull on the spit". 

Then again, a chance to see the fantastic talents of the HFS "CROATIA" kolo dancers, local favourite Ante Sep's musical tribute to Club legend Milivoj Markezic and Major Minor all in one night don't come around that often.

And finally, the memorable Family Day (aka Recovery Party!!!) on Sunday rounded off the weekend.  Highlights of which included the ever popular pecenje (spit roast), performances from the younger members of HFS "CROATIA, Croatian School pancakes, the Halkion cocktail bar plus displays of artwork, a history of Croatia's borders and portraits of Miss Croatia's. 

The displays of the "zahvalnica's" also caught the eye of some members who stated - they hadn't actually realised what a significant contribution the club had made to the establishment of the modern Croatian State.  Some members of course missed most of this as they were too busy enjoying themselves outside at the first ever Club beer garden, where "Maks the Mega Fridge" was making his debut.

The large team of volunteers at the Hrvatski Dom who put together the three day Fešta really do need to be congratulated.  After all they and all those people who attended "Hrvatska Fešta 2010" sure did prove - being proud of one's Croatian heritage and history is not only the right thing to do, but is a whole lot of fun too.  

The fun now moves to Saturday 12 June and the Antunovska Zabava with the Club calling on all people named Ante to attend and feature in the now traditional "Ante's Group Shot".

For all the photo's from a great weekend please visit our face book page.

Fešta Thank You's

The Australian Croatian Club would like to sincerely thank everyone who attended "Hrvatska Fešta 2010.  The attendance exceeded all expectations.

In particular the Club would like to thank the following people for their contributions during the 40th Anniversary Celebrations.

Gold Sponsor:   Marko Barač & Family

Silver Sponsors
Clarity Accountants – Vlado Lauc
Halkion Pelinkovac  Dimče Velkovski    
Marko Body Repairs – Obitelj Nazor
Strika Homes -  Ivan Strika

Bronze Sponsors

Phase Four – Tony Polak
Volare Concepts - Paul Barišić/Phil Ujdur
Pacific Stone – Ante Džaja/Stipe Rezo/ Daniel Zovko
Professional Project Solutions - Obitelj Radić
Victory Homes – Obitelj Crnčević
Creative Kitchens – Ivan Jurković
Erindale Centre/Canberra Ave Smash - Steve Kunovac
In Line Kitchens & Joinery - Stephen Jukić/ George Benc
Mint Kitchens - Vince Gudelj
Z & M Homes – Mladen Vedrić
Bos Brod Concreting - Blaž Čelebija
NDH Group - Obitelj Šporčić
Ves Pilatić
Majstori – Paul Brkić
Modern Electrical Technologies – Mladen Rogić

Volunteers and contributors

Al Hopkins, Ana Benc, Anita Mišić, Ante Mrkonjić, Ante Nazor, Ante Rac, Ante Sep, Ante Šporčić, Blaž Lukić, Bozo Dumančić, Danijel Kovač, Darren Khan, Dennis Pećar, Dragica Jarnjević, Filip Potrebica, Gene Stafford, Ivan Potrebica, Ivanka Mrkonjić, James Modrić, Janja Perić, Joe Pavlić, Joza Boljkovac, Jure Kasunić, Kata Mikulić, Kata Rac, Katica Šporčić, Marica Belavić, Marija Goodwin, Marija Lemić, Marija Pavičić, Marija Perić, Marija Webster, Mario Kresoja, Marko Antunović, Marko Nazor, Maryane Radić, Natalia Radić, Nikola Šporčić, Obitelj Rezo, Pierre De-Alvia, Radoslav Vareškić, Slavko Crnić, Slavko Leko, Sonja Nazor, Stefica Alves, Stefica Džaja, Steve Brozinić,
Stipe Radić, Stjepan Nazor, Tomislav Džaja, Valent (Voli) Jagušić, Veselko Pilatić, Zdenka Šporčić, Zlatko Bajza and Zvonko Vlašić


Major Minor, Slavkovi Veseli Decki, Ante Sep & HFS ‘Croatia’.


Hrvatski Radio Sat Canberra, CRO2000RADIO Sydney, FM 104.7, FM 106.3, 2CC & CROEXPRESS

And for the second year running, a special Geni Kameni thank you to Veselko Pilatić.

Hrvatska Fešta 2010 was proudly supported by the ACT Government's Multicultural Program 2009/10.

New poll question

With the World Cup now upon us the Australian Croatian Club wants to know who you think is the best Australian Croatian soccer player of all time.  To let us know your choice go to our latest poll question.


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